is the first pantomime performed by Longford on Stage. It's a well loved family show with humour to make everyone laugh, from small children to not-so-small children.

Choreography by The Dance Zone Academy. The Dance Zone Academy holds regular classes for all ages in the Longford area, please contact Sarah on 07969 033114 for further information.

Songs in the show include:-

Download the Cinderella poster (PDF, 226kb)

Download the Cinderella Programme (PDF, 2.3Mb)

The cast for this production was:-

CinderellaCara Mullan
Prince CharmingCharlene Randle
DandiniVanessa Evans
Baron HardupPaul Smith
AsphyxiaDale Jefford
NauseaDamian Joyce
ButtonsAdam Lilley
Fairy GodmotherSophie Benn
Grabb - Tax CollectorBianca Joyce
Kayleigh Herschell
Smash - The other Tax CollectorCharlotte Porter
Eve Taylor
Chef / BarmanStuart Porter
Wardrobe Mistress /
Megan Mullan
Show Director / MC / Bar staffSteve Benn
Otto / VillagerKyle Mullan
Villager / FootmanRuth Porter
VillagerStephanie Wiffen
VillagerEmily Bayliss
The Backstage Crew were:-
ChoreographySarah Hubbard
LightingJames Porter
Sound & LightingAndrew Stringer
Lyn PorterCostume design and production
Rita PriceCostume design and production
Pam LovickCostume design and production
Paul Smith
Norman Stringer
Sue & John Tomlinson
Cara Mullan
Vanessa Evans
Scenery design & construction
The Catering Team
Understanding Parents
Backstage Volunteers
Jill Benn, for patience above and beyond the call of duty

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