Disco Inferno, 2011

Disco Inferno is a fast paced musical written by Justin Sepple and featuring many well known songs from the 1970's.

The Story..... It's the summer of 1976... its as hot outside as the fashion inside, hits and passion are on the dance floor and Jack is about to celebrate a 21st birthday he will never forget.

Working late in a London nightclub, "Disco Inferno" Jack meets Lady Marmalade -a femme fatale- the Devils right hand lady. Dreaming of becoming successful, he makes a Faustian pact with her, trading his soul to fulfill his wildest fantasies. Sounds like an ideal bargain? Then think again.

Jack soon becomes an international success... a sensation - even making an appearance on "Top of the Pops" - but this success proves hollow. Jack has the fame and fortune he'd always dreamed of but is loosing his devoted girlfriend.

If only he could turn back time... If only he could make one more wish, trading all he has for something far more important... the love of his life.

Songs in the show include:-

Choreography by The Dance Zone Academy. The Dance Zone Academy holds regular classes for all ages in the Longford area, please contact Sarah on 07969 033114 for further information.

Download the Disco Inferno poster (PDF, 310kb)

Download the Disco Inferno Programme (PDF, 2.6Mb)

The cast for this production was:-

JackDale Jefford
JaneGemma Wood
TomAdam Lilley
HeathcliffeDamian Joyce
KathySophie Benn
Lady MarmaladeCharlene Randle
DukeJamie Randle
Nicky DiabloBianca Joyce
MaggieCharlotte Porter
Terry DSteve Benn
LillyPaul Smith
Jimmy SavillePaul Smith
CompereStuart Porter
DancerCara Mullan
DancerMegan Mullan
DancerRuth Porter
DancerVanessa Evans

The Backstage Crew were:-
ChoreographySarah Hubbard
LightingJames Porter
Lighting & SoundAndrew Stringer
CostumesLynn Porter
PrompterHelen Randle
Stage CrewBetty Willshee
Stage CrewJohn Tomlinson
Stage CrewPam Lovick
Stage CrewSarah Benn

Pictures from the Longford on Stage production of Disco Inferno:-.

[hell1.jpg] [disco006.jpg] [disco009.jpg]
[disco010.jpg] [disco011.jpg] [disco013.jpg]
[disco014.jpg] [disco015.jpg] [disco016.jpg]
[disco017.jpg] [disco018.jpg] [disco021.jpg]
[skel1.jpg] [skel2.jpg] [skel3.jpg]
Pictures by Laura Tomlinson & Andrew Stringer. ©

Disco Inferno Production notes

Welcome to Salem and to Longford on Stage’s fourth major production following Joseph, the Sound of Music and Summer Holiday. Disco Inferno has proved to be the biggest challenge we have taken on to date. It has combined more singing numbers than Joseph, as much dialogue as The Sound of Music and more dance routines than ever before to culminate in what will be a fantastic show. Add to that a 2 month period where our stage collapsed, and could not be used, and you will see why this show has been almost a year in production. The pressure over the last few months to get the show on the road has been considerable with the odd difficult moment, but we are all still talking and enjoying the experience.
As with all shows there are only so many leading roles and limited speaking parts. My thanks therefore go to those in the Company who initially weren’t keen to be dancers but who in fact have given their all and done a fantastic job. A huge thank you also goes to Sarah for the massive amount of work she has covered with the choreography and the endless hours worked on us all with so many dances to complete. I’m sure that everyone will be stunned at the variation and imagination that has gone into every dance.
We received a Grant earlier in the year from the Heart of England Foundation for which we thank them very much. It has allowed us to upgrade our lighting which in turn has meant a massive amount of work for Andrew and James. Our thanks go to them for working all hours to get all those wires joined up in the correct order!!
As with all past productions we are pleased to welcome two new members who are making their debut in this show. Our doors are always open to children and young people who want to learn theatre skills and have the wish to perform and have a good time.
I would like to thank all the cast and crew for their enthusiasm and dedication to what has been a long haul.
They are a great bunch to work with and they should be very proud of their achievements, past and present. Now sit back, relax, enjoy the show and Burn Baby Burn in