Joseph and the Amazing Technicolour Dreamcoat

Joseph & the Amazing Technicolour Dreamcoat was the first musical Longford on Stage performed. The production started life during 2002 when the Joseph CD was played during church building repair and redecoration days. Sophie & Kimberley are to blame for suggesting that we should put on a performance of the show ourselves, which set the ball rolling.
It was not until rehersals started that we realised the enormity of the task ahead. Even the songs we thought we knew proved to be trickier than anticipated.

However 6 months down the line all the cast members have enjoyed the experience of putting on what, for most, is their first major production. The dedication to turn up week after week for 26 weeks means that enjoyment and fun are essential.

A special "Thank You" is due to several people, without whose help and support things would have been difficult, if not impossible.

We were so relieved and pleased when William agreed to take over the musical reins. Not only has he utilised his own amazing talents but has brought along friends to form our show band for fabulous live music throughout.

Our main wardrobe mistress and costume designer is Lynne Porter. 30 different costumes and numerous props take a considerable amount of effort and dedication to the cause. Ably assisted by Betty and Anne the super results will be there for all to see.

Our backing choir consists of a very patient group of adults who have turned up week after week and often waited to sing between the spells of stage direction.

Thanks also to Norman and Andrew Stringer for help and support with sound, lighting and scenery manufacture. Also thanks to Alex and Gill Smelt for scenery painting and design.

We are all looking forward to it all coming together, so:-    ON WITH THE SHOW!!!.

Download the Joseph Programme (PDF, 513kb)

The cast for "Joseph" was:-

NarratorCarol McDougal
JosephPaul Smith
JacobSteve Benn
PharoahDavid Blount
ButlerStuart Porter
BakerClaire Upton
PotipharJames Willshee
Mrs. PotipharKimberley Lantsbury
ReubenSophie Benn
SimeonSteph Lovick
Levi / Temple GirlSarah Smith
Napthalie / Temple GirlGemma Upton
Issachar / Temple GirlClaire Upton
Asher / Temple GirlCharlene Randle
Dan / Temple GirlCharlotte Porter
Zebulin / SoldierAdam Lilley
GadJames Willshee
Benjamin / Temple GirlKara Mullen
JudahKimberley Lantsbury
Simeon 2 / SoldierDaniel Smith
Temple GirlMegan Mullan
IshmaeliteAlex Smelt
IshmaeliteEmma Smith

The backstage crew for "Joseph" was:-
LightingJames Porter
Lighting & SoundAndrew Stringer
CostumesLynn Porter
PrompterHelen Randle
Scenery designAlex & Gill Smelt
Stage CrewBetty Willshee
Stage CrewJohn Tomlinson
Stage CrewPam Lovick
Stage CrewSarah Benn

Pictures from the Longford on Stage production of Joseph & the Amazing Technicolour Dreamcoat:-.

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[dsc00676sm.jpg] [dsc00677sm.jpg] [dsc00679sm.jpg]
[dsc00667sm.jpg] [dsc00668sm.jpg] [dsc00669sm.jpg]
[dsc00680sm.jpg] [dsc00681sm.jpg] [dsc0082sm.jpg]
[dsc00683sm.jpg] [dsc00684sm.jpg] [dsc00685sm.jpg]
[joseph-band.png] [joseph-soundequip.png]
Pictures by John Tomlinson & Andrew Stringer. ©