Robin Hood, 2014

Those extensive rehearsals are now in the past and we are now at that terrifying or is it exciting point where the show must go on. Just to heighten the excitement for some we do have a number of new faces performing their first show and we would like to wish Karis, Charlene, Bradley and Ethan the very best of luck and an enjoyable time on stage.

As with past shows the dance routines have been choreographed, devised and taught by Sarah Stringer and we thank her for all the hard work required to put them together.
It wouldn’t be normal if we didn’t have some cast changes which have caused a few issues along the way. Many thanks to those who have changed characters and new members for stepping in to assist. There were times when it was difficult to move forward but it has all worked it’s way out in the end.
Thanks for today’s show goes to James Porter who looks after the sound and lighting for the Abbey Theatre in Nuneaton which resulted in his contact with the writers of the show who kindly waived any performance rights for us.
He also looks after the lights for us along with Andrew who does the sound and between them keeps us looking and sounding good - we hope!
Scenery production and painting are always a challenge and we would again like to say a big thank you to June and Denver Husband who have worked tirelessly, sometimes in far from ideal conditions ( I mean quite cold), to create the fabulous paintwork for us. June and Denver have their own business supplying murals!!
Thanks also to John Corden for his help producing scenery and props and the Lynn/Rita dynamic duo for keeping the cast looking good and for all that needed sewing.
Thanks also to John Tomlinson who is looking after the sound effects for the show. Not easy when there are dozens to include with pinpoint accuracy. (no pressure then!!)

All that remains now is for me thank all the cast for their enthusiasm and ask you all to sit back, sing and dance if you like, and enjoy the great show songs as we present –

Robin Hood

Pictures from the Longford on Stage production of Robin Hood:-
(Click a picture to see a larger version).

[Rehearsals1.jpg] [Rehearsals2.jpg] [Rehearsals3.jpg]
[robinandmarion2.jpg] [RobinAndLittleJohn2.jpg] [willscarlet1.jpg]
[heggartyandbaron.jpg] [villagersandbaron2.jpg] [heggarty.jpg]
[fishing.jpg] [merrymen2.jpg] [ballet01.jpg]
[robin5.jpg] [RobinAndLittleJohn.jpg] [gangnam1.jpg]
[KingRichard1.jpg] [finalfight1.jpg] [finale1.jpg]
[robininjail.jpg] [steve-sound.jpg] [finale1.jpg]
[lighting1.jpg] [Sound2.jpg] [Sound51.jpg]