Summer Holiday

Don, a London garage mechanic transforms an old double-decker bus into a rolling hotel for him and his mates. Embarking on a road trip across Europe, Don and his buddies are surprised when they find an American pop star stowing away on their bus and begin an adventure across the continent, which her mother seems determined to ruin. On their travels they encounter hordes of singing girl groups, several different countries and police trouble in all of them. A box office record breaker when released, SUMMER HOLIDAY made Cliff Richard a star and remains one of the most entertaining films to come out of Britain in the 1960s ..................All Aboard !

Summer Holiday Production Notes

Well folks, it's a year since The Sound Of Music, our last production hit the stage and I'm sure that I'm even greyer now than last time. Our Wardrobe Mistress, Lynne Porter has probably had nearly as many sleepless nights as me with 95 costumes to arrange!!
We have also had a late cast change when Jamie Randle was taken ill and unable to continue in his main role, with his fiance Jill also stepping down to look after him. Our best wishes go to Jamie for a swift recovery and we look forward to seeing him back with us very soon. [bus.png] Our thanks go to Paul and Bianca who have stepped in to the roles at a late stage in rehersals. The task is very tough as their characters have the most lines in the show, bit I'm sure they will come through with flying colours.
In addition to the costumes there are a lot of props which needed a considerable time and effort to produce. Andrew Stringer has again played a huge part in producing our sound, sfx and lighting. Hours of work have gone into upgrading our stage facilities for this and future productions. Norman Stringer too has again given considerable time for so many jobs around the stage.
Our stage management for this show is again very involved. Getting a London Routemaster bus on stage and off again is a delicate operation. For this we have a team of five people, my thanks to Betty, Pam, Sarah, Dave and John for all their hard work.
For the first time, we have received professional help with our dancing, you can't put on a show like Summer Holiday and not include dance routines and we owe a great deal to Sarah Hubbard and Sharon Steele for their patience, enthusiasm and time. With so many left feet on stage at one time, it's hard to believe that they got the girls through it!! Of course, us lads cruised it - NOT!! For those interested in taking dance lessons, Sarah and Sharon teach at Union Place on Saturday mornings. Please ask the cast for details.
A word of thanks to Union Place for the use of their hall on Sturdays for dance practice and the loadn of their radio mic.
We have been very fortunate to have recently received a grant from the Heart of England Community Foundation which has helped tremendously with the sound and lighting system. We thank them very much for their support and now boast another 6 radio microphones so most of the cast will have their own mic where ever they go. This will help tremendously with the overall presentation and is a fantastic asset for any future productions.
Show lighting has again been arranged by James Porter who is also doubling up as the curtain operator. There are more buttons to push now, thanks to Andrew but with his experience in this area he copes admirably.
We have also added a smoke machine and we hope, some small pyrotechnics to enhance the production. So if we let off some smoke, please don't run out shouting FIRE! Be prepared for the odd bang or two. You have been warned!!
Lastly, our thanks go to the kitchen crew for looking after the interval refreshments. I would also like to add my thanks to the cast and crew for their enthusiasm over the months.
Enjoy the show!!

Download the Summer Holiday poster (.pdf, 260k).

You can read more about Summer Holiday at Wikipedia.

The Cast were:-

Barbera WintersSophie Benn
Donald PrestonPaul Smith
MimsieCharlene Randle
AngieCharlotte Porter
AlmaGemma Wood
CyrilAdam Lilley
EdwinDale Jefford
SteveSteve Benn
Stella WintersBianca Joyce
JerryStuart Porter
Wilf, the Cafe ownerDavid Blount
Waitress, Mechanic,
Bridesmaid, Police Officer
Megan Mullan
Mechanic, Groom,
Police Officer
Cara Mullan
Mechanic, Bride,
Police Officer
Vanessa Evans
Mechanic, Bridesmaid,
Police Officer
Ruth Porter
Police, Guard,
Vicar, Jogger
John Tomlinson
WrightmoreBarbera Porter
Cafe CustomerAudrey Benn
Cafe CustomerRita Price

The Backstage Crew were:-
ChoreographySarah Stringer & Sharon Steele
LightingJames Porter
Sound & LightingAndrew Stringer
Scene AdvisorHelen Randle
Lyn PorterCostume design and production
Betty WilsheeStage Crew
Pam LovickStage Crew
Sarah BennStage Crew
Jill Benn, for patience above and beyond the call of duty

Pictures from the Longford on Stage production of Summer Holiday:-.

[lfos1.jpg] [x.jpg] [bus.png]