Snow White, 2010

Snow White is the second pantomime Longford on Stage have tackled, the first being Cinderella a few years ago. This evening 10 of the cast and all of the back stage crew are still here to tell the tale. We do however have a number of new faces performing their first show and we would like to wish two Katie's, Emily, Krisha, Ashley, Melissa, Bethany and Dylan the very best of luck and an enjoyable time on stage.

As with past shows the dance routines have been choreographed, devised and taught by Sarah Stringer and we thank her for all the hard work required to put them together. I understand Andrew knows all the words by heart he has heard them so many times! Over the course of the rehearsal period there have been some cast changes, too many for my liking, which have caused a few issues along the way. Many thanks to those who have changed characters, covered extra ones and new members for stepping in to assist. There were times when it was difficult to see the way forward but it has all worked it's way out in the end. Also thanks to Bianca for cramming rehearsals into a short period since moving north to Liverpool to attend University.

We have also lost a great supporter and an ever present in earlier shows with the passing of Barbara Porter in December. Barbara has been sadly missed over the last few weeks and our thoughts and prayers have been with the rest of the family in the Longford On Stage team at this sad time. We would like to dedicate this show to her memory, after all she stood in so many times at rehearsals for missing characters that she must have covered most of the script over the weeks.

Programme (.pdf)

Choreography by The Dance Zone Academy. The Dance Zone Academy holds regular classes for all ages in the Longford area, please contact Sarah on 07969 033114 for further information.

Download the Show Stoppers poster (PDF, 91kb)

The Cast were:-

Snow WhiteCharlotte Porter
Prince AlexanderSophie Benn
Queen BoadiceaKate Fessi
Palace Cook (Betty)Dale Jefford
Neither - Cook's AssitantCara Mullan
Pick - The Queen's HenchmanMichael Shale
Mix - The Queen's HenchmanJohn Corden
Fairy GodmotherBianca Joyce
Lady in WaitingBethan Fessi
Chamberlain, The Butler and a YokelStuart Porter
The King and a YokelSteve Benn
Prince's AideKatie Eyden
NarratorStephanie Lovick
Gaffer - Head DwarfRuth Porter
CheeryLucy Fessi
SnoozySophie McCombie
BlushyHolly Miles
SniffyEmily Tanser-Edey
GrouchyKatie Flowers
Tickly and the CatKrysia
Servant and dancerAshley Hubbard
Bird from Flying SquadMelissa
Bird from Flying SquadBethany
Bird from Flying SquadDylan

The Backstage Crew were:-
ChoreographySarah Stringer
LightingJames Porter
Sound & LightingAndrew Stringer
Lyn PorterCostume design and production
Paul Smith
Norman Stringer
Sue & John Tomlinson
Cara Mullan
Vanessa Evans
Kate, Lucy, Bethan and Holly
Scenery design, painting
& construction
The Catering Team
Understanding Parents
Backstage Volunteers
Jill Benn, for patience above and beyond the call of duty

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